The Uwharrie District Disaster Work Team spent 10 days in the greater Baton Rouge, LA area working at the Heritage Ranch, a Children’s Home for Boys.  Below is a summary from Asher Ellis, Team Leader, of their work at Heritage Ranch.

Scott Davis
Uwharrie District Disaster Response Coordinator

heritage-ranch-sm-1Tue, Oct 11, 2016  Asher Ellis

We made decent progress yesterday putting the walls back together at the ranch’s office suite.  Our primary objective is to restore the offices to allow staff to return (they are currently using borrowed space at a law office in Baton Rouge).  I’m learning that there are similarities with this work to my day job; what may look like a day’s work turns out to take much longer once you get into all the finer details.

That said, we probably have about 2/3rds of that project done, and with Bill, Ores, and John joining the team, we’ll be on to other projects.  In a conversation with Brenda yesterday, there is some excitement that we have pressure washers with us and they want to take full advantage while we’re here.

Accommodations at my parents’ house are wonderful (thanks mom and dad) and Vicki has evening meals lined up for the team all week.  Last night we had baked ziti, Italian bread, salad, and chocolate chip cookies.  It was delicious.

Hope all is well on the home front.

heritage-ranch-sm-2Thu, Oct 13, 2016  Asher Ellis

After a couple days of installing insulation, hanging paneling, and trim work, the offices are back in useful order (pending inspection by proper authorities).  Bill, Ores, and John joined us Tuesday to help insulate the main house and move file cabinets and equipment back into the offices.  It’s been a wonderful time of hard work and fellowship.  So rewarding to see the ranch coming back together.

Wednesday we worked in the main house, pulling out tile and tongue & groove wood walls, and reinstalling paneling.  It was hard work and everyone was tired after the day was over but we were rewarded with a delicious serving of gumbo and Blue Bell ice cream.

Thursday, the work was a bit more spread out.  Sam joined us to represent Denton, so he Fidel and I worked on some final demolition in the”little house” while Steve and Bill had fun with the pressure washer, and John and Ores hung drywall and some other odd jobs in the offices.  By the time the day ended, we were installing insulation and hanging drywall in the little house.

Bill, Fidel, and Ores are taking off tomorrow and our numbers will begin to go back down.  So much work has been done and we’re still plugging away.  What a blessing it is to experience the restoration of Heritage Ranch and to share in the fellowship of such devoted and caring men with a diversity of backgrounds.