Central UMC, Asheville is leading a mission team to the Yuncas region of Bolivia March 10-20 to multi-sited orphanage called Casa de Esperaza (House of Hope). Casa de Esperanza is located in Cara Navi which is a 4 hour drive from La Paz International Airport. There are around 80 children who live at Casa de Esperanza and the home is managed by Fidel and Charo Corrales. We will work with the staff of the orphanage to provide care for the younger children, tutor school aged children, participate in construction projects to maintain the building and of course, grow closer to Christ! As with all mission trips, our aim is to build life long relationships with the children of God we serve and who will help us encounter the living God in a new way. The estimated cost of the trip is $1850.

Start Date:          03.10.2017

Contact:  Amy Leachman

Email Address:  aleachman@centralumc.org

Website:              www.centralumc.org

Donation Link:   http://www.centralumc.org/online_giving